Thomas Soucek may leave West Ham

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West ham may be forced to sell the 40m man after some heated altercation with David Moyes. The hammers are now under pressure to make decisions on the Czech international future. Unless Moyes and Soucek are back on good terms it’ll be difficult for the club to move forward.

The Player-manager bust-up is nothing new and has happened before this season. A few of the most notable exchanges were between Alonso and Tuchel. If rumors are true Alonso is considering leaving Chelsea where he’s already plagued by reduced game time. The situation was made worse by the arrival of Ben Chilwell who was ruled out due to a season-long injury.

Thomas Soucek was well under contract negotiation and now those efforts might have hit rock bottom. West ham has been discussing a new deal to better reflect its values over the long term. For now, the contract talks have stalled and may not resume soon. 

Why Soucek is important for Moyes?

If West ham does go ahead in selling the Czech who is under contract they might as well get a decent fee. 

Soucek still has two years in his contract and hence this option feels quite feasible. Getting a fee isn’t important but finding a player of that caliber is important. Soucek’s playing style and midfield dominance suit Moyes’s system. It’ll be tough for David Moyes to sign a player who can replicate what Soucek can do. Staring 34 out of 38 league games while maintaining performance standards and not taking a dip isn’t as easy as it seems.

Soucek was deployed in a double pivot arrangement within a rigid 4-2-3-1 accompanying Declan Rice. Both of them have proved to be the spine of their team at the domestic and European levels. Moyes is looking to strengthen his midfield irrespective of the outgoings. Leeds Kalvin Phillips and Southampton’s Ward-Prowse will be the perfect fit for David Moyes’s system. 

Soucek is a towering figure in the midfield and West Ham should try their best to keep him. He is without a doubt a towering figure at the London stadium. The hammers still have another year of assured European game time but midfield isn’t the only area that they’ll need reinforcements in.

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