Trent Alexander-Arnold: Glen Johnson’s Note on Midfield Experiment

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Liverpool’s Trent Alexander-Arnold is renowned for his exceptional skills as a fullback. However, he has been undergoing a tactical shift, impressing many with his performances in a hybrid fullback role.

Although, Glen Johnson is sounding a note of caution, particularly against experimenting with deploying the 25-year-old in the midfield. Especially in a crucial fixture against Manchester City.

In an interview, Johnson voiced his concerns, stating. “I don’t think Liverpool should be looking to play Trent in midfield full-time.

He’s had some good games for England in midfield, but I think can only do it against the weaker teams. Johnson’s sentiment revolves around the belief that Alexander-Arnold’s versatility might not be as effective against formidable opponents like Manchester City.

A new position for Trent Alexander-Arnold

The 39-year-old former player went on to explain his perspective, suggesting that deploying Alexander-Arnold in the midfield against a team like Manchester City might not instill fear in the opposition.

“If he’s playing in the midfield against Man City, they’re not going to be worried, they’d probably enjoy it”. Johnson added, highlighting the potential risks of such experimentation in high-stakes matches.

Despite Alexander-Arnold’s undeniable talent, Johnson cautioned against making midfield experiments a permanent strategy for Liverpool.

While the English international has notched up three assists in various competitions this season, Johnson believes that this may not be sufficient to warrant a consistent midfield role, especially against top-tier opponents.

The debate surrounding Trent’s future position continues, with England manager Gareth Southgate advocating for a midfield role for the player. Southgate praised Alexander-Arnold’s performance in England’s recent 1-1 draw with North Macedonia, labeling him ‘excellent’ in the midfield.

However, Liverpool’s situation introduces further complexities. With an abundance of quality options in Liverpool’s starting lineup, a permanent midfield position for Alexander-Arnold seems improbable. The crux of the matter lies in whether a midfield role would unlock his creative potential, particularly considering his relatively low assists this season.

As discussions around Alexander-Arnold’s optimal position unfold, Liverpool faces the delicate task of harnessing the talents of their creator-in-chief for the most effective contribution to the team’s success, all while navigating the delicate balance of experimentation and tactical stability.

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