UEFA warned Premier League charges on Man City can cause ‘mutiny’

Pep Guardiola

UEFA have been warned that any outcome of the FFP charges on Man City by the Premier League can cause a ‘mutiny‘ among it’s members. Besides this, City are also preparing strong evidences to refute the charges.

Manchester City is charge with a string of accusations from the Premier League. It includes nearly a decade of misrepresenting their finances to football authorities. The investigation by Premier League has a similar look as that of UEFA. It concludes a two-year ban on City from the Champions League. However, the Court of Arbitration for Sports overturned this decision. Moreover, the only deemed guilty for City is not co-operating with the regulations of UEFA investigations.

Manchester City charges by UEFA will refute?

A snap public opinion of 1,000 football fans reveals that every three out of four think City broke the rules. Pep hit out that the club is not allowed to defend themselves before being publicly condemned. Writing in the International Sports Law Review, Dr Gregory and Dr Dan wrote,

“Although the authors shall refrain from making any predictions as to the outcome of the present matter. One thing is certain, and that is the danger the autonomy of sport is facing regarding its self-regulation.

“There are different dynamics present that control the decision making of all stakeholders. Whatever the result of the present dispute. It is almost certain that UEFA will face serious unrest from its member clubs to a point of mutiny.

“The financial prowess of football clubs such as Manchester City, with the expert lawyers taking apart the inefficiency and complexity of the regulations, can only demonstrate how weak such regulations are in their application.

“It would not be good enough for the Premier League to argue that Manchester City failed to co-operate with the Premier League’s investigation. The Premier League would have to go beyond this, by proving that Manchester City, as a matter of fact and evidence, failed to produce accurate financial information in relation to their revenue, within the meaning of the current regulations.

“This is not an easy burden for the Premier League. But it should not be easy, because the allegations are of a very serious nature.

“Advisors must, therefore, make a note that the weight of the evidence and the manner in which it is presenting, may be the deciding factors in the final decision making of the Panel.”

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