Virat Kohli was given out wrongly in the second test against Australia

Virat shami

Former India coach Ravi Shastri‘s reaction to Virat Kohli’s dismissal in the second Test against Australia on Saturday summed up the team’s frustration and disappointment. Kohli looked on course for a big score in Delhi on Day 2 of the second Test against Australia before debutant Matthew Kuhnemann dismissed him.

Virat Kohli played well Before getting out

At 5 wickets down, Kohli appeared to be in control at the crease, when disaster struck in the 50th over. A Kuhnemann delivery hit Kohli both on the bat and pads nearly simultaneously. Nitin Menon raised his finger after the visitors raised their LBW appeal. The ball appeared to have struck Kohli’s bat before hitting his pads.

While replays indicated Virat Kohli may have hit the ball, the umpire’s decision to declare Kohli out LBW sparked a huge controversy. In response, India requested a review. Upon reviewing slow-motion replays, the third umpire concluded that the ball struck both the bat and the pad simultaneously. Therefore, he chose to track it instead of giving the benefit of the doubt to the on-field umpire.

It was determined that the ball would strike the leg stump, so the umpire upheld his decision. As per Law 36.2.2, if the ball strikes both the pads and the bat at the same time, it is considered to have struck the bat first, but Kohli had to return to the dressing room after a 44-run inning.

Watching his wicket replay in the locker room, Virat Kohli seemed upset. As a result of the umpire’s decision, both Vikram Rathore and Rahul Dravid were disappointed. Abhinav Mukund and Wasim Jaffer considered Kohli’s dismissal unlucky.

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