Virgil van Dijk faces criticism after his recent performance for Netherlands

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Football Pundits criticizes Liverpool defender Virgil van Dijk after his recent performance. He has been slammed by the Dutch media for his performance in the international break. Furthermore Pundit Gertjan Verbeek believes that Virgil van Dijk should be stripped of the Netherlands armband. After Netherlands’ win against Gibraltar Verbeek was very critical of the Liverpool defender. Furthermore Holland lost their 4-0 to France in their first match. While the win against Gibraltar was appreciated, but the 4-0 loss to France left a bad taste in the mouths of many Dutch supporters. The football Pundit was definitely not pleased with van Dijk. The defender was out of form in the match against France. This is not a new thing as the defender was seen struggling at club level as well.

Pundit believes that Virgil van Dijk should be stripped off of his captaincy

Verbeek was seen criticizing Virgil van Dijk after his performance for the Dutch national team. Furthermore he even claimed that the player does not deserve to be the captain of the Dutch national team. Verbeek criticized van Dijk, “I think Van Dijk is a first-class wimp. I would immediately take away his captain’s armband. He has to mean a lot more as a captain. He has to put things down. It happens to him. At one point he lets Geertruida drown and then he stands there after the first goal, like: blablabla. Where was he then?” There is however no denying that the Netherlands’ loss against France came as a shock to many. And it made sense with how the Dutch turned up to perform against France. However the calls from Verbeek to strip the defender from his captaincy seems a bit extreme.

Virgil van Dijk is definitely one of the best defender in European football. He is without a doubt a great leader to the younger generations. Therefore if Netherlands wishes to return back to their heights, they will need the defender to help them with that.

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