Wataru Endo’s uncertain future: Liverpool’s midfield puzzle

Wataru Endo’s journey at Liverpool has been a surprise success. When the Reds signed the Japan international for £17m this summer, only a few knew what to expect. However, he’s swiftly making a mark in the Premier League. Still, there are lingering doubts about his ability to lead Liverpool’s midfield in the future.

Jose Enrique, speaking on his YouTube channel, stressed Liverpool’s urgent need for a top-notch defensive midfielder. He praised Wataru Endo’s skills but suggested that he might not be ready to start regularly in the demanding Premier League. Enrique advocated for signings akin to Szoboszlai or Mac Allister to bolster Liverpool’s midfield depth.

Wataru Endo, being the lone natural defensive midfielder in the squad, lacks substantial experience at the highest level. This has sparked concerns about his reliability during critical moments. Despite showing promise, there’s a noticeable gap in skill between Endo and a prime Fabinho.

Wataru Endo not part of Liverpool’s top priority list

For Liverpool, who aspire to contend fiercely for the league title, recruiting players capable of thriving under pressure is essential. Presently, doubts linger regarding whether Endo possesses the necessary skills for pivotal moments in high-stakes matches.

While acknowledging Wataru Endo’s commendable abilities, there’s a unanimous belief that Liverpool urgently needs to seek a high-caliber player for the defensive midfield position. Pursuing a top-tier midfielder in this role is critical to enhancing the team’s chances of securing the league title.

The ongoing discussion about Wataru Endo’s suitability emphasizes Liverpool’s quest for strengthening their midfield. Despite his positive contributions, acquiring a player with more experience and a proven track record in crucial game situations remains a priority for the Reds. The pressing need for a standout defensive midfielder is apparent, underlining Liverpool’s determination to fortify their squad for a successful title challenge.

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