West Ham star is huge fan of Liverpool’s veteran midfielder

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West Ham United star Mohammed Kudus claims he is huge fan of Liverpool’s Thiago Alcantara and terms him as his toughest opponent so far in career.

The Ghanaian is self proclaimed Thiago fan for his childhood days. Kudus declared the Spaniard as one of his footballing icons.

West Ham star names Thiago as his toughest opponent

As per JD Football, Kudus was asked on to name his toughest opponent so far in his career. His answer was Thiago Alcantara.

West Ham star admires the Spaniard and said :-

“I’ll say Thiago Alcantara.

“I played against him in the Champions League with Liverpool and I think he was top of his game. It was difficult to get close to him.

“I loved [Thiago’s] game as a child,

“I like creativity and joy of playing.”

Thiago has been one of the most coveted player in recent past. So far in his career he has won 16 trophies which includes seven Bundesliga titles and Champions League during his time at Bayern Munich.

However the 32-year-old has been struggling with injuries for last couple of seasons at Liverpool. The midfielder has been out of action with a hip injury since April and is yet to be named in the Matchday squad this season.

Jurgen Klopp is putting no pressure in Thiago ‘s recovery. Back in October, the manager told :-

“It is just, for himself especially, annoying.

“He had now two setbacks in the rehab, not massive but enough to take him off the pitch again. Obviously not the same injury, not at all, but a bit similar.

“I don’t know and I will not put pressure on that [their returns] because I can’t anyway. If they will be back after the internationals, we will see that. Hopefully, it would be cool.”

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