West Ham were finally able to sign the ideal player for their defence

West Ham United

West Ham Finally sealed the deal to to sign Konstantinos Mavropanos. He is should be joining in the next summer transfer window.

The transfer received multiple hiccups and was even in danger of failing at a certain point. However, sources have confirmed the player’s inclusion into the club.

The Hammers initially had other candidates in mind. The club originally wished for Harry Maguire to fill the much needed role. However, the player refused to sign the £30 Million West Ham contract.

Thus the club chose Mavropanos to be the player to fill the gap.

The transfer nearly ceased after the player reportedly encountered difficulties with his medical tests. this luckily did not stop the hammers from finishing the deal, but not without setting their conditions.

Indeed, the once £20 million rated player agreed to the now reduced £17 million deal. Which marks their third summer transfer.

What West Ham will gain from this sign

The Hammer were very vocal about their desire to strengthen their defence. The centre back and left back positions were especially notable talking points.

Luckily Konstantinos Mavropanos is very reliable defensive option. The Greek player excels at both tackling and blocking, with great mastery over long passes, making him an indirect threat.

Despite this, the defender is remarkably injury prone, recording an average of three injuries per season. As such, deploying the player on the pitch will always carry a significant risk of losing the player for multiple matches.

This is important since the Stuttgart player once lost the chance to partake in over 30 games after receiving a groin injury back during his Arsenal days.

however, management seem to have faith in the newcomer’s capabilities, and it is quite exciting to see how he will fit in their plans for the future.

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