With injuries piling, Liverpool assign Doak as a Salah replacement


With news of other clubs’ interest in Mohamed Salah and the threat of injuries, Liverpool make Ben Doak his replacement.

Doak was and still is a remarkable asset to the Reds, one which, surprisingly, does not see that much play. Yet despite his lack of minutes, the winger’s physical feats are outstanding, ranging from speed and stamina to exceptional manoeuvrability.

Which makes many wonder, including Jurgen Klopp, how much can the player truly achieve should he gain enough field experience. Indeed, for a 17 year old, the player’s capabilities do deserve praise, but they sadly will not see much use.

As the player’s best position, that being a right side attacker, taken by the legend Mohamed Salah, playtime was sparse. And thus any chances he had to develop beyond his current skills is cut down significantly, but there is hope.

Liverpool may stop Salah from interrupting the improvement of Doak

Ben Doak will likely be seeing play with Liverpool in the future, but anytime soon for a multitude of reasons.

As already established, the player is a mere 17 year old and will not be reaching 18 until this November. Moreover, while some of his skills are quite exceptional, Klopp still feels the need correct some of Doak’s flaws first.

“He’s very exciting, very direct, one-v-one, I call him a Tasmanian devil with the way he is buzzing around, he’s just so quick. If his decision-making gets better, and he has all the time in the world for that, then he could definitely be one for the future. But I’ve seen also so many players at his age accelerating very good, and then not going to the next level. Hopefully he can do that for us.” Described Liverpool’s manager Klopp.

In the end, only time can tell Ben Doak’s future.

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