Women’s Premier League starts today, a Historic day for Indian Cricket


The highly anticipated historical event is just a few hours away, and with the first ball about to be bowled. Indian women’s cricket will gain a massive advantage with the Women’s Premier League (WPL).

The WPL has been on the BCCI’s agenda for quite some time now. The Indian cricket governing body had previously organized the Women’s T20 Challenge. It was essentially an exhibition tournament featuring three teams and lasting for only three to five days. However, the Women’s Premier League is a full-fledged franchise-based women’s cricket league.

Women’s Premier League to follow footsteps of IPL

The introduction of the IPL brought about a significant change in Indian cricket. It fueled its growth and led to the discovery of several talents in the past fifteen years. The upcoming Women’s Premier League will prioritize a similar focus. It presents an opportunity for women’s cricket in India to take a new direction, and here’s how.
There are numerous women players in India who have abandoned their dreams due to societal pressures. Ravi Kalpana, a former India player, serves as an illustration of this phenomenon. Due to social pressure and a lack of financial resources, her career ended at just 25.

The WPL holds the potential to inspire the next generation to pursue their dreams, particularly in a country where cricket is akin to a religion, as it reflects people’s profound attachment to the game.

Opportunity for young women from all around the world

The WPL’s launch is an enormous milestone for women’s cricket. The presence of several young players like Shabnam Shakil (Gujarat Giants), Shreyank Patil (RCB), and Minnu Mani (DC) in the inaugural edition of the league is a testament to its significance. These players have endured significant challenges to reach this point, underscoring the importance of perseverance. This message of hope is crucial for the younger generation.

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