Arsenal are reportedly on the subject of takeover interest by Indian billionaire Mukesh Ambani

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Indian billionaire Mukesh Ambani reportedly prefers to buy Arsenal rather than Liverpool or Manchester United. However, the Kroenke family has refused all the potential takeover interest in the last two years.

They have also increased their commitment in the transfer windows for Mikel Arteta. Hence, Ambani would have to wait for the right opportunity to arrive.


According to reports, Indian billionaire Mukesh Ambani would prefer to buy Arsenal rather than Liverpool and Manchester United. The report also claims that Ambani’s son Akash is a big fan of the Gunners. Hence, they are looking for the opportunity to buy the Premier League giants. He has a net worth of 104 billion. Hence, this puts Mukesh Ambani among the richest people in the world. They already have made numerous investments in the world of sports.

Their Indian Premier League cricket team Mumbai Indians are one of the highly valued sports teams. They have also made huge investments in the Indian Super League (ISL). He has also invested in multiple cricket leagues over the world. Hence, the potential interest in Arsenal is not a big surprise. However, it looks like the Gunners fans will also be happy with the news. Although, they need to remember what happened when Spotify owners wanted to buy the club.


A number of reports have also claimed that it will not be an easy takeover for Mukesh Ambani. This is because the current Arsenal owners have increased their investment in the club and in transfers. This all happened after the European Super League debacle. Hence, it is clear that they will not sell the club for a less valuation. It is because they have increased the revenue of the football club. The fans are also now a little happier than last season due to their commitment to upgrading the squad.

Hence, Mukesh Ambani will have to wait for the right opportunity for the takeover. A report also claimed that he was ready to buy Liverpool during the last season. However, they were dismissed as baseless rumors. It is because of his son’s love for Arsenal. People need to remember Spotify also wanted to buy the Gunners. However, that interest has disappeared in the recent year. Hence, there is a chance that Mukesh Ambani is again another interest like this.

However, it is clear that Mukesh Ambani is ready to try his hand at the English football league. Although, the Indian billionaire will have to wait for the right opportunity to pop up for him. However, Arsenal fans, can keep their eyes on the developing situation. This is because their current situation is great on the field and off the field.

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