Arsenal star Bukayo Saka has been described as brilliant by Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp

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Arsenal star Bukayo Saka has been labeled as brilliant by Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp. The comments come before their game against the Gunners in the Premier League.

He has also said the player was brilliant from the first day. Hence, Bukayo Saka will be the most dangerous opposition player for Liverpool.


Arsenal will be playing against Liverpool in their upcoming Premier League match. The Gunners are currently top of the Premier League table. They have only lost to Manchester United. Hence, it will be a very difficult test for Liverpool. Liverpool will also be looking to defend and attack well. They need to get their season back on track after a shaky start to the season.

Jurgen Klopp has also admitted that his players will have to defend as if their lives depend on defending. Hence, Arsenal will also face a difficult game. Although, most of the star players will be more than fit for the game. Mikel Arteta had made a smart decision of resting his star players for the game against Liverpool. Liverpool will also be more than energized for the fixture after a great Champions League win against the Rangers.


The game will also have players like Luiz Diaz, Gabriel Martinelli, Mohamed Salah, and Gabriel Jesus trying to make a difference on the pitch. However, most of the eyes will be on Arsenal star Bukayo Saka. In the matches, he has played, he manages to cover almost the whole of the pitch. Jurgen Klopp has also sung praises of the player. He says he fell in love with the player from day one.

He also said,

Saka…ooof. From the first day he has been playing, he has been incredible.

Jurgen Klopp is actually not overhyping him. He is one of the first players on the team sheet. Saka is incredibly important to the playing style of Mikel Arteta. Hence, due to this reason, contract extension discussions have already started. The contract will also give the player more pay rise.

Bukayo Saka has also shown his willingness to stay. If the Gunners manage to play this well throughout the season, he will surely get Champions League football. The winger has also said that playing in the Champions League football is one of his biggest dreams.

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