Arsenal will have to reportedly pay 60 million for their top January transfer target

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Arsenal will have to reportedly pay 60 million for Mykhaylo Mudryk. Mykhaylo Mudryk is their main January transfer target.

However, the price tag looks expensive to pay in January. Hence, the Gunners will hope to have negotiations in the coming weeks.


According to reports, Arsenal have made Mykhaylo Mudryk their main January transfer target. A number of reports also claims that Mikel Arteta would love to work with the winger. Hence, the fans hope that the club starts negotiations for his transfer. This is because the negotiations are going to take time. Hence, an agreement over the transfer will take time to conclude.

Mykhaylo Mudryk is also desperate to move to the Premier League giants. Hence, this is the best possible opportunity for Arsenal to sign the Ukrainian winger. Mykhaylo Mudryk has also praised the tactics of Mikel Arteta. Hence, this transfer looks like the perfect match. However, a new report has claimed that the perfect match is going to cost the Gunners a lot of money.


Transfer expert Dean Jones has claimed that Skhathar Donetsk will ask at least 60 million for their star winger. A report had claimed that they were asking 100 million for him. However, it seems they are ready to negotiate with Arsenal. Hence, the Premier League giants will have to adjust their budget. He has also refuted the rumors that Mykhaylo Mudryk is available for only 40 million.

Dean further said,

“There’s no reason for that to happen and I’m told it’s probably not true,”.

The report also claims that Mykhaylo Mudryk’s agent is in discussions with Shakhtar Donetsk. He is trying to convince them to further reduce the price tag. However, they have refused to do it. Hence, it looks like Arsenal will have to pay 60 million for their main transfer target.

Arsenal will have to take the chance now in the January transfer target. This is because they will have less competition from the European teams. Another advantage is Mykhaylo Mudryk is also pushing for the move. Hence, they have much better odds of signing him in January than next summer.

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