AS Roma’s new signing Paulo Dybala breaks a record before his debut for the club

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AS Roma have reportedly sold 535,000 Paulo Dybala shirts just a day after he signed for the club. This breaks the record of Cristiano Ronaldo who held the record for most sales when he arrived at Juventus.

The playmaker arrived at the club on a free transfer from Juventus. AS Roma manager Jose Mourinho has reportedly played a very big part in convincing him to join the club.


Dybal was a free agent after leaving Juventus on a free transfer this summer. However, many teams immediately made a move for him. Inter had an agreement with the player. However, the loan deal of Romelu Lukaku made the deal impossible. Inter thought they had enough forwards to sustain this summer. Manchester United and Tottenham also rejected the chance to sign him.

There were also reports of him regretting leaving Juventus after so many years. However, AS Roma made him a contract offer. Although the offer was financially a lower proposal than his demands, Jose Mourinho managed to convince Paulo Dybala to sign for AS Roma.


Everybody thought the deal was very risky when it was made. However, it looks like many opinions are going to change. The deal is now looking like a great deal for all the parties concerned. AS Roma owners are already profiting from the shirt sales. Jose Mourinho is already impressed by him on the training ground. The most important thing is Dybala is going to get regular game time.

It will help him prepare even more for World Cup in Qatar this year. The signing is also expected to make Serie-A more competitive. The league has struggled for viewership outside Italy after Ronaldo left Juventus. Dybala’s move might give the fans the excitement to watch the league. Many reports are also telling Roma are finally building a team that can compete for the league title and not only the top 4.

Paulo Dybala will be looking to make his debut against Tottenham in a friendly on July 30. Tottenham are going to bring a strong team to compete. This game is going to help both teams prepare for the upcoming season.

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