Aston Villa: Gabriel Agbonlahor makes a surprising claim about Jack Grealish

Gabriel was on record to Talksport when he said that Jack Grealish could make a comeback to Aston Villa.

He said that Grealish could return to his childhood club at some point in his career.

The former Villa forward was speaking on the eve of Manchester City’s game against Aston Villa. In this match, we are bound to see Grealish play against his former club in a crucial title-decider match.

The winger left Villa in the summer for a record fee that saw Villa getting £100m for the player.

However, he has not been able to live up to the expectations of the City fans. He has only six-goal contributions in his first season at this top English club.

Still, Gabriel believes that Grealish could make a return for Villa just as Ashley Young did this season.

He said,” I don’t think they’ll mind [Villa fans seeing Grealish on Sunday]. I think that a lot more Villa fans are ok with the idea.”

At first, a lot of them were hurt – one of their best players has left and obviously you’re disappointed. But from social media now, you see a lot that if Jack Grealish wanted to come back tomorrow, you know, they’d take him with open arms.”

And I do actually believe one day he will come back and play for Aston Villa, similar to what Ashley Young done.”

Is Jack Grealish making a return to Villa even a distant possibility?

Though it seems that later in his career Grealish can make a return, for now, it is totally out of question.

Moreover, if Grealish is to return it would be in a similar fashion as Gareth Bale to Tottenham Hotspurs. Where Bale is at a time where he is thinking of hanging his boots and with a contract problem with Real Madrid.

If such a situation was to arise at Manchester City, Grealish could probably return to Villa.

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