Aston Villa lay out new plans for the club

Aston Villa Chief Executive officer Christian Purslow attended the supporter’s trust meeting for the first time since taking charge of Aston Villa. He sat down with the members of the supporter’s trust group and laid out the plans for Aston Villa. The meeting was mainly about three things. The first one was about the redevelopment of Villa Park. The second one was about the new crest to mark Villa’s 150 years. The third topic of discussion was the recruitment process and its effect on the pitch.

Purslow is hopeful that Villa can obtain the necessary permissions to begin the process of stadium redevelopment. Moreover, if the necessary permits are approved, Villa will start the redevelopment process by the end of the current season. Purslow also introduced some measures to revamp the southern stand of Villa park, the Holte End. The renovation of the southern end will take the capacity of Villa park to more than 60,000 somewhere down the future.

Villa are “down to the last few designs” for the new club crest which will be unveiled in 2024. The year 2024 marks the 150th anniversary of Aston Villa. According to, the ‘AV’ in the club crest will be replaced by ‘Aston VIlla’. Moreover, there will be a voting system in place which will enable the fans to choose their preferred crest.

The CEO also addressed the dip in form of Aston Villa in the first 9 games of the League. Purslow thinks that this dip in form is temporary and the club will find its form in the next few matches. Moreover, he also emphasized that Villa’s playing style is still a work in progress. Purslow also expressed his happiness about Villa’s transactions in the summer transfer window.

Aston Villa CEO “moved heaven and earth” to keep a player.

The youngster joined Chelsea for a whopping £20 million in the summer transfer window. According to Christian Purslow, he ‘moved heaven and earth‘ to get Chukwuemeka to stay at the club. But, he was ultimately unsuccessful as the youngster was adamant about a move to Stamford Bridge. Purslow is also hopeful that Douglas Luis will renew his contract with Aston Villa this season.

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