Barcelona player Ansu Fati may join Liverpool if the conditions are right

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With Mohamed Salah’s potential leave, Ansu Fati May have a chance to join Liverpool, although Barcelona may prove otherwise.

Mo Salah may be leaving the club as the Reds consider selling the player. The consequences of such action however may prove too dire. As they directly go against the manager’s wishes.

During their pre-match press conference with Newcastle United, Jurgen Klopp made several noteworthy statements. One of said statement was a response to a question regarding Mo Salah’s transfer. To which he replied that the player is too vital to the team unite to leave.

However, recent rumours suggest the club may go against the Klepp’s wishes. If that is the case, then there will be a vacancy in need of filling. Thus Liverpool has shown interest in a potential replacement, that being Ansu Fati.

The 20 year old is a reliable player but has lost some of his quality to past injuries. And as Salah’s fate in the club is ambiguous, so too is Fati’s.

Will Ansu Fati leave Barcelona for Liverpool?

The answer is not as simple as one might think. As Fati is hesitant to make a move and is comfortable remaining with Barca. However, the choice may not be in his hands.

With Barcelona making room for Joao Felix, another Liverpool target, Ansu Fati might leave the club is under 48 hours.

Thus the player has no choice but to seek one of the clubs seeking his talent. There are multiple clubs that wish to acquire the player, the most notable ones being Atlético de Madrid, Tottenham Hotspur, Arsenal and, naturally, Liverpool.

As there is no evidence suggesting Mo Salah’s transfer within the next two days, Fati will most likely not receive a chance to join the Reds. Which does not make his next move any clearer.

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