Ben Chilwell takes the blame as Chelsea fails to satisfy once again

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Chelsea gives another underwhelming performance against Bournemouth ending in a 0-0 draw, a result Ben Chilwell took the blame for.

At the beginning of the season, many fans had high hopes that the Blues will correct last year’s unfortunate mishap. But unfortunately, the event unfolding seem to be leading to the same, if not a worse fate according to evidence.

The club earned a measly 5 points this season earning them the 14th place which is lower that last year.

The reasons behind this are many, ranging from the inexperience of most players, to the inability to deliver enough aggression. The latter being the main issue of this match as Chelsea was unable to score despite the abundance of chances. As Nicolas Jackson, Conor Gallagher, and many other tried and failed to breach The Cherries’ net, setting a shameful display.

Chilwell takes all the blame as Chelsea fans boo him

Pochettino favoured Mykhailo Mudryk instead of Ben Chilwell as a starter, claiming he wished to have a more “aggressive” player. In hindsight however, this was a mistake considering there were less opportunities made this match compared their Nottingham Forest one.

Still Chilwell did manage to see play in the 80th minute as a replacement for Levi Colwill. Sadly, his addition was too late to yield any significant results or concequences.

As one of the few experienced players, Ben took most of the shouts of the crowd heading towards the team. While the rest thanked the fans for their continued support.

While it is sad to see players put in such as situation, Chilwell handled the matter both confidently and professionally.

The future ahead of Chelsea seems grim, and many doubt their ability to make a recovery from this point forward.

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