Bodymoor Heath and Ashley Young

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Ahead of the clash with Norwich on Saturday, Ashley Young when sat down for an interview with the media team of Aston Villa.

Little did he know what was coming next.

People in charge of taking care of the Bodymoor heath training pitch switched on the sprinklers.

Was this a prank or was a miscommunication between staff of the training pitch is unknown.

Young after being exclaimed asked for the person behind this before expressing his disbelief.

It would’ve been fun if we could have found out who was behind the planned prank.

Even after the moment of rage Young was unable to hold his laughter and ended the session on good terms.

Young and Villa

37 in this July, the former Man Utd man was a doubt when he made his return to Villa Park in the summer of 2021.

Young with his return proved to be one of the very few outfield players who continue to star in the premier league after the age of 35.

Villa boss Steven Gerrard is more than happy for his stay and considers him as a part of his rebuild.

With 23 appearances this season including 12 starts, Ashley Young has been crucial for Villa in many games.

The game against Leicester saw him applauded with praise from Villa shot-stopper Emi Martinez.

The game against Leicester was also the one that ended Villa’s run of bad form.

The contract is set to expire this summer, Young is willing to extend his stay at Villa Park.

Even if Young gets less game time at Villa park his experience will play a very crucial role in the dressing room.

According to reports, Steven Gerrard is also more than happy to welcome his stay and quoted,

“There have already been discussions. I’ve made it clear to Ash that I want him to stay around. The key to this will always be the player”

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