Chelsea legend Ashley Cole joins Frank Lampard at Everton, Paul Robinson reacts

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Everton recently confirmed that Ashley Cole has joined Frank Lampard and his backroom team. Cole will play the role of the first-team coach along with the other assistant managers at the club. This reunion has caused excitement in both Everton fans and also in Chelsea fans to some extent. The pair have worked together even after their time at Chelsea.

Ashley Cole played under Lampard at Derby and then after finishing his career with the Rams. Cole was also an assistant manager at England U-21s and has joined Everton from Chelsea’s academy. Both Lampard and Cole have played with each other during their peak years and have been in contact later also.

This appointment should excite the Everton fans especially as they know what these two were capable of while playing. However, Lampard had a good record at Derby and was building Chelsea for where they are now. Everton could use some of that top experience from Lampard and Cole as players to transfer that to the players Everton has now.

Former England goalkeeper and Ashley Cole teammate had this to Football Insider about the appointment,

“Everything I’ve heard about Ashley’s coaching has been positive. I have shared a dressing room with him and let me tell you, he’s a very knowledgeable player.”

“He was probably the best left-back this country has ever had. If he can give some of that knowledge to the Everton players then it would be great. Ashley has a great reputation in the game. In the short time he’s been coaching, he seems to have found his role. It is great to see some of my generation taking on roles at big clubs.”

Why Ashley Cole appointment is a positive for Everton?

Ashley Cole is regarded as one of the best left-back in the world and the best left-back England has ever had. He has faced some fierce competition in his career and has won many of them. Just looking at the achievements, he will get good respect from the players as he has a good reputation in the world of football.

As Robinson has mentioned that he is a very knowledgeable personality. He can also help the players tactically and also teach them using his massive experience in the game. Moreover, his chemistry with Lampard will let both of them work at their maximum capacity and not cause any other distractions.

Everton needs to get out of the position they are in right now. With the help of Lampard and Ashely Cole, they can achieve that and build for the future. Lampard will need some assistance as this is only his second shot at managing a big club. Ashley Cole and the other talented backroom staff members can help Lampard in that case.

Both Frank Lampard and Ashley Cole will have a lot of work to do to clean Everton’s mess this season. Everyone is expecting quick success from the appointments but that is very hard to achieve. However, if Lampard does that then he will have massive respect in the footballing world. Everton have also signed a few players to help Lampard stay in the Premier League.

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