Chelsea Teases Fans with Kit Video Featuring Nintendo – New Season Sponsor Yet to Be Revealed


Chelsea Football Club has left fans eagerly anticipating the release of their 2023-24 kit, with a teaser video featuring Nintendo, sparking speculation about a potential sponsorship deal.

The video prominently features a Nintendo Game Boy, leading to speculation about a potential sponsorship deal with the gaming giants. Fans eagerly await the kit reveal. Nonetheless, they also anticipate the announcement of the brand that will adorn the front of the new jerseys.

The new Premier League season just around the corner. Chelsea supporters eagerly await the unveiling of their team’s new home kit. The upcoming reveal will not only showcase the fresh design but also shed light on the brand that will grace the front of the jerseys.

Chelsea Kit Unveiling: The Nintendo Connection

Previous sponsorship deals with Paramount+ and faced hurdles, leaving fans curious about the club’s next partnership. Furthermore, the recent teaser video featuring a Nintendo Game Boy has sparked speculation that gaming giant Nintendo could be involved in the sponsorship.

Chelsea’s teaser video on their official Threads feed has sparked speculation of a sponsorship deal with Nintendo. The video features a Nintendo Game Boy playing a lion and football-themed game, reminiscent of Chelsea’s symbols. The video’s closing message, “it’s a 90s thing,” suggests a retro design. However, it may be a nod to the 90s theme rather than confirming a partnership with Nintendo. Despite this, fans remain hopeful.

New Kit Launch and Fixtures

Chelsea has scheduled the launch of their new Nike kit for the 2023/24 season on Monday, building anticipation among supporters. However, due to the absence of a sponsor deal, the kit will feature a stripped-back look. Friendly matches against Wrexham and Borussia Dortmund are on the club’s summer schedule, leading up to their first Premier League match against Liverpool on August 13.

Fans hoping for a Chelsea-Nintendo collaboration may need to lower their expectations. The teaser videos also showcased a Sony PlayStation, suggesting the emphasis was on the 90s theme rather than a specific sponsor hint. However, the anticipation for the kit reveal and potential future partnerships still excite Chelsea supporters.

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