Christian Horner comments on a possible Pierre Gasly exit

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Red Bull team principal Christian Horner has reacted to a possible exit of Pierre Gasly for Alpine F1 leaving Alpha Tauri.

Christian Horner has not ruled out a possible exit of Pierre Gasly after the 2022 season. A few weeks ago, it was hugely believed that Gasly would continue with Alpha Tauri after the end of the current season.

However, the silliness of the silly season has brought in the possibility of a probable move to Alpine F1.

Alpine F1 is on the lookout for a replacement for Fernando Alonso who is leaving the team at the end of the current season. Alonso left the team for Aston Martin to replace retiring Sebastian Vettel in 2023. The Spaniard signed a multi-year contract with the team.

Oscar Piastri was the first driver Alpine F1 had to replace Alonso with.

However, Alpine-Piastri-McLaren’s chaos ended with Alpine losing Piastri as he simply refused to drive for the French team.

It was revealed that the young Australian had two valid contracts.

Now, it is confirmed that the French outfit has lost the Australian driver after CRB deemed his contract with McLaren valid. Daniel Ricciardo has also lost his seat with McLaren and does not have a drive yet.

Horner didn’t refuse a possible move to Alpine F1

Speculations indicate that Alpine F1 will try to buy Gasly out of his contract using the compensation money they receive from Piastri and McLaren.

Horner. on the other hand, thinks a move to Alpine might be possible

“The market is quite fluid at the moment,”

he said.

“For us, obviously Pierre is still a driver under contract with Red Bull until the end of next season. We also have a contract with Checo (Sergio Perez) for the next two years and Max (Verstappen) has a long-term contract.

“We have to consider all the possibilities, but first and foremost we will have to see what the CRB is going to say. Everything else is pure speculation.”

Now, CRB giving a clear judgment indicates that Alpine has lost its replacement Piastri. The French team will be interested in Pierre Gasly after all.

Going to Alpine might be good for Pierre Gasly

Leaving Alpha Tauri for Alpine F1 might not be that bad of a move for Gasly after all.

The French outfit is reportedly very much interested in the Frenchman for the next season. After all, Gasly is having another good year in a rather uncompetitive car.

That’s the main reason that a move to Alpine might be good for him.

The current season has clearly indicated that Alpine is miles ahead of Alpha Tauri in terms of pace and lap time.

Alpine sits on P4 in constructors standings with 115 points. Alpha Tauri on the other hand has struggled the whole season. The Red Bull sister team is sitting at P8 with just 29 points. Gasly has scored 18 of those points.

Getting in the more competitive car will help Gasly score frequent points in midfield. For Alpine also among the current drivers available, he is the most suited one among Daniel Ricciardo, and Mick Schumacher as he has consistently performed in his rather uncompetitive car.

Not going well with Esteban Ocon can be the only obstacle. However, Ocon has indicated that he would like to have Gasly as his teammate.

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