Despite the rumours, Emile Smith Rowe will not be leaving Arsenal

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As Arsenal is emptying its roster while the window is still open, many wonder what may happen to Emile Rowe. Most sources indicate that the man is going nowhere.

The Gunners are in the midst of selling a multitude of their players as their roster is in good shape. The club spent the beginning of the current window ushering new blood into the club. Now they must lay-off any player that will not be seeing any form of play, whether as a starter or replacement. Furthermore, the club must lower the expenses as well.

There are several examples. Folarin Balogun is leaving the club for Monaco, despite Chelsea‘s best efforts. Earning the club a decent £38.6 million despite the asking price being £50 million.

Nuno Tavares is another player leaving Arsenal these next few days. As Nottingham Forest took the first chance they had once the player was greenlit. The player’s price is still a mystery but will be unveiled in the following days.

Despite his 7 years in the club, Rob Holding will also make his leave. While there are no official negotiations, many clubs such  Wolverhampton Wanderers, Crystal Palace, and Luton Town show their interest.

The future of Rowe within Arsenal

The earlier mentioned players share many similarities. All of those individuals are not seeing any form significant play and some are even banished to a training team. Moreover Both them and the Gunners would benefit should their talent be used elsewhere.

Rowe is currently experiencing the same dilemma. the player did not contribute to any of the latest Premier league matches. And Chelsea is contemplating the addition of the player.

And yet, the man is not at any risk of leaving whatsoever. In fact, despite the current inactivity, the club manager has serious plans for the man in the near future.

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