Fernando Alonso reacts to budget cap rumors as penalty looms over his team

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Fernando Alonso has also kept his point of view amidst the budget cap saga.

Fernando Alonso is leaving Alpine after the 2022 season. The 41-year-old will be driving for Aston Martin from 2023 onwards replacing Sebastian Vettel.

However, two teams which include Red Bull and Aston Martin are rumored to have crossed the budget cap in the 2021 season.

FIA is currently investigating the issue. The budget cap was set at $145 million last season.

If found guilty, the team can face severe penalties.

Fernando Alonso has reacted to these rumors around the budget cap breach as the effect of the penalties (if given) might even be suffered in the 2023 campaign.

He said:

“It’s a difficult topic from our side. It’s not really relevant here and we rely on our times. 

“We all expect from the FIA to police as good as possible because we want to race in a good environment. It’s a very difficult topic because there’s a lot of things that we need to make sure they’re controlled. 

“The budget cap is one thing but there’s teams with different things – things we need to control a lot. It needs to be well done.”

Nevertheless, Alonso clearly stated that he has faith in FIA and the way it will tackle the situation. Assured of his faith in the governing body, Alonso said:

 “Very high to be honest. I have a lot of trust in Mohammed and his team. Still, there’s a few things in the race weekend and other topics that we face. 

They’re willing to improve and learn which is positive compared to the past. I trust completely what they’re doing and what the outcome will be next week with the cost cap. I have no doubts on anything.” 

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