FIA looking into the credibility of Colton Herta’s super license

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FIA is looking into IndyCar driver Colton Herta’s super license eligibility amidst the speculations linking American to Alpha Tauri surfaced.

The 2023 silly season is already in full force now. It all began with Sebastian Vettel’s surprise retirement followed by Alonso switching teams.

Now, McLaren has cut off all ties with Daniel Ricciardo as the Australian lost his seat for 2023. Oscar Piastri will replace Ricciardo in 2023 in the orange papaya.

There are multiple empty seats with speculations, predictions, and driver siftings and signings possibilities. All the chaos is yet to be settled.

Amidst this, a name from IndyCar has surfaced. Colton Herta is being linked to Formula 1 yet again.

Earlier Herta was linked with a possible entry in Formula 1 through Michael Andretti. Andretti was trying their best to secure an entry in F1 following the new incoming regulations of 2026.

However, that deal didn’t work out and now the American is being linked with Alpha Tauri.

The Red Bull sister team is looking for a potential driver as rumors indicate Pierre Gasly leaving Alpha Tauri for Alpine F1.

Is Herta eligible to drive a Formula 1 car?

Herta tested a Formula 1 car earlier this year. He drove the McLaren MCL35M as a part of his deal with the team.

Now, reports indicate that FIA is working to find out if Colton Herta has enough points to qualify for a super licence.

For a super license, a driver needs 40 points thus becoming eligible to drive in Formula 1.

FIA’s International Sporting Code keeps IndyCar as a qualifying series, at the same level as Formula 2. Accordingly, due to COVID drivers can currently account for their best three scores from the last 4 seasons before the application.

This would mean Herta would be evaluated on the basis of 2019 to 22′ if Herta is to race next year.

Now calculating the points for Herta during these years means:

In 2019 Herta finished seventh in the IndyCar series earning a total of four points. In 2020, he earned 20 points alongside 3rd place. And finally in 2021, earned 8 points for fifth place.

Nevertheless, his 2022 season is not going the right way so far. Herta currently stands in 10th position with 8th his realistic best result. This implies this season would not count in his best three.

This means Herta currently stands on 32 points in his super license.

He realistically sits on 32 points making it difficult to land a drive next year. However, there can still be an option for Alpha Tauri to get him if they are that eager for him.

Can Colton still make it?

Herta can gain a few extra points driving for Alpha Tauri in practice sessions in the remaining races.

Herta’s IndyCar season will end at the same time as the Italian GP.

This means he could potentially drive for Alpha Tauri in practice sessions in the remaining 6 races from the Singapore GP, taking his points up to 38.

However, arranging so many practice sessions in such a short time would mean a lot of hassle for Alpha Tauri. It is although possible in theory but rather impossible in practice.

Moreover, he still might not get the license in the end falling 2 points short.

Furthermore, it is indicated that Herta still might land a seat but it would solely depend on Alpha Tauri’s determination for the American.

Reports indicate if Alpha Tauri is able to get Herta in their car for at least one race in the remaining 8 races replacing Pierre Gasly or Yuki Tsunoda for a whole weekend, Herta might get the super license.

This is a highly unlikely scenario though and would solely depend on Alpha Tauri and Red Bull’s managing decision. But, the shenanigans of the 2023 silly season have already shown us many surprises and it might just get more entertaining.

So, can Herta land an F1 seat?

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