Gerrard comments on thrilling Villa transfers – “Can’t stop now”

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Aston Villa manager Steven Gerrard gives his honest assessment of his latest signings Diego Carlos and Boubacar Kamara. He also said that his ambitions for this club are high and he won’t stop here until he reaches the top.

In an interview with Brimingham Live, Gerrard said:

“Sort of, sort of! No, listen, we had the opportunity to get in front of both players and we had the opportunity to sell our vision of the club to really let them know where we want to go and how ambitious we want to be.”

“They’re the type of players that we were looking for to recruit and bring in. There was no point in me trying to recruit players that were going to make us stand still. And I didn’t want to recruit players just to add to the numbers. I wanted to make players that were good enough for the XI, to make a difference.”

“Naturally, the squad will grow and will become better from that. So, for them to say yes and to attract that calibre of player, as you say, are capable of playing Champions League. And had options to play Champions League, is a big coup for this club.”

What Gerrard said about the young prospects and his summer signings

While talking about his next friendly against Manchester United, he said:

“They’ve settled really quick, they’ve shown their ability. They’ve shown their character and, more importantly, they’re here to win.”

“They’re here to settle into the group very much as team players. Diego’s going to be a really big man and a leader for us at the back. You can see that straight away. And Kamara’s going to give us style. He’s going to give us a passing range that I didn’t feel we had.”

“Both players have played at a level where they know what winning matches is all about. They played in European games, international competitions. So I’m in delight to have them both. But it can’t stop here. When we get the opportunity again, whether that’ll be this window or moving forward, that’s the calibre of player that Aston Villa needs to attract to be able to grow and, going back to the guy’s earlier question if we want to disrupt the higher echelons of this league, we need top players.”

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