Leicester star Kiernan Dewsbury-Hall can become a core member of the club to stabilize the club

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Brendan Rodgers has mentioned that Kiernan Dewsbury-Hall could be one of the core players to ‘stabilize’ the club. He has started the last eight matches out of nine for Leicester City. Dewsbury-Hall played very crucial matches for Leicester like against Napoli, Manchester City, and Liverpool twice.

The 23-year-old midfielder was a part of the Leicester youth academy system and was also out on loan to Luton and Blackpool in the Championship. He looks like he has already played in the top flight quite a few times. Just the regular appearance in the team sheet that too in big games shows how important he has become for the club in less than a year.

Rodgers believes that a core number of players from the academy can help the club stabilize in a number of years. Kiernan Dewsbury-Hall can become a very important player to the squad in the next few years. Dewsbury-Hall can also set an example for the other academy players of how they can succeed like him.

This is important especially for Leicester as they are not very well-known for their players from the youth academy. This is what Leicester manager Brendan Rodgers had to say about Kiernan Dewsbury-Hall,

“These are guys who, having come through the system, are getting the opportunity to play at the very highest level,”

“It’s a core of players we’re building that will hopefully stabilize the club over the next number of years,”

“Kiernan Dewsbury-Hall has been outstanding since he’s come in and looks a ready-made Premier League player, but he knows he has to keep working and stay focused and keep improving.”

Why Brendan Rodgers sees Kiernan Dewsbury-Hall as a core member of the squad?

Rodgers wants his players to be highly physical whether they are with the ball or not with the ball. This is where Dewsbury-Hall’s relentless stamina could help Leicester in winning those physical duels. He covers 12.1 kilometers per 90 which is the highest in the club. He also makes 49 pressures per 90 which is again the highest in the squad.

Dewsbury-Hall is a box-to-box midfielder who helps in every department of the game. He is included in the top four players of the Leicester squad in many statistics. He wins the ball 8.28 times per match and creates 1.45 chances in open play per match. Dewsbury-Hall averages 73 touches passes per match and completes 22 passes in the opposition half per match (stats via Premier League).

These stats were recorded before Leicester City faced Tottenham in the league. Since then Leicester City are winless and will be facing Liverpool again soon. The work rate which Dewsbury-Hall provides is what most managers crave from their players. Kiernan has a similar playing style to that of Tielemans who creates chances, takes an occasional shot, and also helps in the defense.

The 23-year-old midfielder surely has the potential to become a core player for Leicester City in the future. However, he has to focus on growth and not get swayed away from the praise he is getting. Rodgers understands this and has given a good number of chances to Kiernan Dewsbury-Hall. The English midfielder should continue to work hard as he is doing and he can surely become the face of the club in near future.

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