Linekar fears Everton might get sued by their own players

Gary Linekar

Pundit Gary Linekar fears Everton might get sued by their own players following their points deduction in this current campaign.

The Toffees are currently in the relegation-zone after 10 points were deducted by the Premier League. Everton have been found guilty for breaching the financial fair play rule and four other clubs set to take legal action against the Mersyside club.

Speaking in The Rest is the Podcast, Linekar who spent one season at Goodison Park, discusses about Everton’s points deduction saga.

Alan Shearer also suggests that players should reduce their strength, if club gets relegated from top-flight. He said :-

“If Everton were to be relegated, I would imagine all the players have clauses in their contract about relegation… salaries get 50 per cent reduced or something like that.

“There lies another problem, through no fault of their own… if they were to be relegated, they’d say ‘hang on a minute those 10 points aren’t our fault’.”

Linekar states Premier League should start suing clubs for various financial breaches immediately

Gary Linekar states that Premier League should take action against the clubs for various financial breaches from immediate effect. He said :-

“Then you start suing the club.

“The Newcastle United hero believes the punishment is ‘harsh’ but believes Sean Dyche’s side have a ‘realistic chance’ of avoiding the drop this season.

“To me, it seems incredibly harsh when you’re talking about a figure of £19.5million.

“When you look at the grand scheme of things in Premier League football. £19.5million and to be dock by many points, that to me is incredibly harsh, is it?

“In terms of sending a message out with the 10-point deduction, which is obviously I think hugely harsh on them. But if there is going to be a time you are going to be deduct 10 points. Then this is probably the season that you think at least we have got a realistic chance of getting out of the mess we find ourselves in.

“The standard at the bottom is as bad as it’s been for a long time. I think they will recover and they will get out of it. With the manager and players that they have got, they have already shown that they have got enough ability. If there is a season it is going to happen, perhaps this is the season.”

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