Man City want to let their “outstanding” £60 million player leave before the deadline

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In order to secure the departure of full-back before the transfer deadline, Man City reportedly agreed to eliminate the option to buy clause for Barcelona on Joao Cancelo. The last several days have seen some commotion regarding this prospective deal.

Everything appeared to be in order for Cancelo to join with the Spanish powerhouses. However, it has been said that the club’s financial problems are delaying matters. Even on Monday, Cancelo was at the airport in Lisbon waiting for a private jet to take him to Spain. He was instructed to delay flying until the problems were fixed.

And now, there is a rumour that Man City is ready to remove the option to purchase clause that had been negotiated with Barcelona.

Man City ready to remove Joao Cancelo’s buyout clause for Barcelona

Both Man City and Barcelona have now decided to ‘remove the buy option clause’ for £60 million star Cancelo, according to the Spanish publication SPORT.

This is done because the aforementioned funds “do not count towards the current financial year.”

Yesterday, there were reports suggesting that Barca President Joan Laporta was ready to sign a bank guarantee to give the team a £17 million cash injection at the risk of his own personal riches. According to SPORT, Laporta has finally fulfilled this obligation, and La Liga has received the guarantee.

Joao Cancelo to Barcelona appears to be in doubt, amid the approaching transfer deadline

It is quite weird that City is doing business with Barcelona in this chaotic circumstance. Barca supposedly still owes money to Man City for Ferran Torres. It is unclear why Man City is still willing to work with this team after that. If it is true that the clubs plan to eliminate the buy-on-option for Cancelo, that is simply perplexing.

In essence, it would imply that Man City is giving the ‘Outstanding’ Cancelo away for a full season. His worth could very well drop significantly from this summer to next. One wonders if Cancelo is desired to join only Barca and none other, is what motivates him.

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