Mauricio Pochettino Chelsea latest updates: sacking, private meetings and owner decision

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Some have already called for Chelsea manager Mauricio Pochettino to be replaced as there is increasing pressure on him to improve performance at the club.

In the past year or so, there have been a few false starts when it comes to Chelsea beginning a new era of domination in the Premier League. Thomas Tuchel and Graham Potter had high expectations after the takeover a year ago. But neither would remain in the hot seat for very long.

Bruno Saltor and Frank Lampard’s interim managing assignments did not result in an improvement in their teams’ performances. So, when Mauricio Pochettino was recruited in the summer, there was hope that things may turn around. The Argentinean coach has a history of building dynamic, young teams at Southampton and Tottenham. He also established a winning run at PSG.

It’s fair to argue that Pochettino’s start at Stamford Bridge has not been perfect, despite some excellent performances. The results have not quite lived up to expectations due to a nearly full roster of injuries, frequent arrivals, subpar finishes, and questionable judgements.

With five points lost from their first six league games, the heat on the head coach has increased after only a few games. There have already been some calls for a management change. There is also early indications of unhappiness within the fan base.

Mauricio Pochettino sacking

After a lacklustre start to his tenure as Chelsea’s manager, Pochettino still has the full support of the club’s owners. The Telegraph claims that the owners considered statistics while making their choice. They are confident that the outcomes will soon match the on-field performances.

Chelsea co-owner and Pochettino have regularly scheduled meetings

Behdad Eghbali, a co-owner of Chelsea, has been a frequent visitor to the team’s locker room this season in response to the criticism the owners received after doing so the previous year. According to The Telegraph, the billionaire has only exchanged handshakes and pleasantries rather than pep speeches.

Eghbali’s decisions have also included going to the manager’s office frequently to speak with Pochettino and the coaching staff.

Pochettino talks about the owners’ reaction regarding Chelsea’s current scenario

Mauricio Pochettino, the head coach of Chelsea, has said that the team’s owners are unhappy with the season-opening performance of his squad. However, he has urged them to support the project. After losing to Aston Villa, he said

“Give me time because I didn’t see them [the owners] after the game. They are disappointed, they arrived at the club and are so excited to build a project. Of course they feel disappointed but at the same time they need to support the plan.”

Chelsea’s owners and Chelsea supporters will pay close attention to the team’s performance in the forthcoming games. The results might have a big influence on Mauricio Pochettino’s job as head coach.

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