Max Verstappen set to get a grid penalty at the Italian GP

Kelly Piquet

Max Verstappen will be taking his second grid penalty of the season at the 2022 Italian GP in Monza along with eight other drivers.

Formula 1 returns to the iconic track of Monza for round 16 of the 2022 F1 season.

Championship leader Max Verstappen, however, will be taking a five-place grid penalty for Sunday’s main race. This means the Dutchman will start five places below wherever he qualifies on the grid on Saturday.

This is the second grid penalty for Verstappen this season. The red bull driver started Belgium Grand Prix in P14 after receiving a grid penalty for new engine components.

Verstappen will be taking his 5th ICE (internal combustion engine). He took his 4th ICE in Belgium GP; however, his penalty is lower this time due to the second time offense.

Once again, Verstappen is not alone in getting penalties. This time, he is joined by his teammate Sergio Perez. The Mexican has taken his 4th ICE and therefore has received a 10-place grid penalty.

Mercedes has also confirmed that Lewis Hamilton will also be joining the list. The Briton will start the race at the back of the grid after taking new parts for the race. It was already suspected that Hamilton will take a penalty soon, especially after the incident in the Belgium GP.

Carlos Sainz will also join Hamilton alongside Yuki Tsunoda at the back of the grid. The Spanish driver has taken a new gearbox along with several other engine parts. Tsunoda, on the other hand, takes a full slate of new parts.

Valtteri Bottas is also on the list of drivers taking penalties. The Finn will take a 15-place grid penalty for putting in new parts.

Mick Schumacher will also join Bottas taking a 15-place grid penalty. Esteban Ocon finishes the list of drivers taking penalties. The Frenchman will be taking a 5-place grid penalty for Sunday’s race.

Verstappen is on a streak of 4 wins back-to-back after winning the Dutch Grand Prix. However, the penalty puts Verstappen’s winning streak at risk in Monza.

But the Dutchman managed to snatch a win even after starting from 14th at Spa. Verstappen is driving in a different league this season and he can surely grab another win at the Italian GP even after the grid penalty.

On the other hand, the penalties could help Charles Leclerc as most of the drivers who could challenge him will start behind him. It also opens a door for Mercedes’ George Russell to grab a victory in front.

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