Napoli’s Aurelio De Laurentiis desires Klopp to replace Luciano Spalletti

The fallout

New rumours are spreading due to the fallout between Aurelio De Laurentiis and Spalletti . Laurentiis does not have any intentions of holding Spalletti back from his departure .He wants Klopp to replace Luciano Spattelli. Spattelli clearly expresses his thoroughly thought decision when he says

“The matter has been decided, you don’t change your mind every day. It is a situation that has been brewing for a long time.”

Napoli’s president chose to remain silent about Spalletti’s future . It. further raised doubts on the offshoot between the two.

Klopp replaces Spattelli ?

The Serie A champions are in the midst of their celebration . They also afraid of losing their manager . On the other hand Laurentiis wants Klopp to replace Spalletti . His efforts to bring in the reds captain went in vain in 2013 .Klopp has no intentions of leaving the reds. Klopp admits that they are also going through a rough phase .He intends on completing his full term till 2026. His journey with Liverpool began as a mere replacement of Brenden Rogers .Later on he extends his contract with them.

Laurentiis, Luciano Spalletti and Klopp

Aurelio De Laurentiis and Spalletti dined together .This was referred to as a dinner of thanks and friendship by Laurentiis. It is certain that Klopp would not be replacing Spalletti . Napoli it set to start a new journey without their dear manager . On the other hand Spalletti is being considered as a potential manager for Chelsea . This news is not official. Spalletti is exploring new options.

The concluding decision

Romano says that the decision has been made .No official notification has been made so far . With serious talks in place it is sure that this transfer is not based on performance related problems.It is definite that Klopp would accompany the reds there is no chance for Klopp to replace Luciano Spattelli. It is still unclear as to who will replace Spattelli.

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