Newcastle United star Callum Wilson admits he could have joined Villa

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Newcastle United player Callum Wilson reveals that he could have signed for Aston Villa. Speaking on the Footballer’s Football Podcast, Wilson told he was on the verge of a move before Newcastle. The Magpies have made some brilliant signings ever since the takeover. Moreover, they have barely put a wrong foot when it comes to recruitment in the recent years. Though, their one of the best signings, Callum Wilson, came just before PIF’s arrival to Tyneside.

Wilson admits a potential move to Villa was on the table before Newcastle

Wilson told about almost joining the Villans,

“I had a decision to make. When I joined Newcastle there was Aston Villa, there was Newcastle. Newcastle has great history and basically the number nine shirt, playing as a striker, I know how much they are worshipped up here. That was something which definitely appealed to me.”

There was time when you join a club and you write down your pros and your cons of why you are joining that football club and you stick by them. Don’t get me wrong, I joined Newcastle, we then was in a relegation battle, scraping the bottom of the league. Playing not so attractive football.”

“Then Aston Villa was the other club that was interested at the time. They had just been taken over. They were starting to fly and things were going well there. We played against them and lost and I’m thinking ‘everyone was like that could have been you, why didn’t you join us.”

“I thought to myself I made my decision in that moment based on the facts that were in front of me.

So no matter what emotion is going on right now stick to your soul and your core decisions and ultimately football is a crazy sport. We end up getting taken over, then things go well here and we get in the Champions League. I get to play in the Champions League for the first time with Newcastle. We play against Villa and we beat them 5-1 or something like that, so it’s crazy how football works.

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