Pedro Goncalves claims the attention of multiple clubs including Aston Villa

Aston Villa

Sporting’s player Pedro Goncalves, also known as Pote for short, made a name for himself in the past few seasons. Goncalves attracted multiple high European clubs including (but not limited to) Tottenham, Liverpool, Newcastle, and most notably, Aston Villa.

Considering the impressive feats Pedro Goncalves has made, it is easy to see why the clubs would want the player. In the span of two years, the Sporting midfielder successfully won a championship, a Super Cup and two League Cups.

Despite the compounding interest however, non of the clubs mentioned earlier made any advancement to obtain the player except one. The club in question are the Lions, which, according to OJOGO, sent a proposal to his club which they rejected.

Still, Aston Villa, along with many others, still hope to acquire the player, but many factors should be considered first.

How likely is Aston Villa to make the Goncalves addition

According to the previous OJOGO article, the current position satisfies the player fully, and he is unlikely to leave willingly. Indeed, the 25 year old recently renewed his contract which will now end in 2027, with better terms and pay.

And with the renewal comes another layer of bureaucratic hurdles for clubs to conquer, especially his £68,6 million release clause. Moreover, the player’s price is bound to go higher with time, considering some achievements such as the goal against Arsenal.

He accomplished said achievement during his last Europa League, which is his main focus and reason behind his contract renewal. As such, unless Aston Villa or another club offer the player a similar opportunity, Pedro Goncalves will likely stay put.

Still, most clubs are waiting for the upcoming transfer window to make their move. Meaning much of the subject matter remains unknown.

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