Tyrone Mings set to be stripped off captaincy by Steven Gerrard?

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Aston Villa manager Steven Gerrard has confirmed his plans to review the club’s captaincy situation during next season’s pre-season. But the manager also confirmed that Tyrone Mings could remain as the club captain in the summer.

Aston Villa are currently on a three-match losing streak in the Premier League. The results have improved since Steven Gerrard took over the head coach role from Dean Smith. But the results have been very inconsistent. Steven Gerrard is reported to be very unhappy about Aston Villa’s level of consistency in games.

Since Steven Gerrard took over at the Villa park the results have been a mixed bag. The manager has won eight matches and lost two matches. But he has also lost ten matches since taking over at the club. As things stand Tyrone Mings has just eight games of the season remaining to impress the manager in order to keep his captain’s armband beyond the season.

What did Steven Gerrard say about the club’s captaincy situation?

Talking during a press conference about the club captain Tyrone Mings and a potential new captain next term. Steven Gerrard said:

“I think it’s really important. Especially with this group of players,” “We took over this group who were two points above a relegation fight. I think what we’re looking for in terms of help and support for the group is that we need more leaders.”

“We need more people who have perhaps been there and done it, and have that type of experience to come in. And support a lot of the young talent we’ve got within the group. “So, for me, I think certain teams, i.e. let’s use Man City or Real Madrid who are serial winners… Maybe the captaincy is not as important because they’ve got a manager and a level of players across the board who are world-class or in the main. And maybe the captaincy isn’t as vital.”

“When you take over a team in 16th and just two places above relegation and you’re having passages of periods where you’re looking strong and good and you’re a little bit inconsistent. It’s important that leadership is added to the group.”

“It’s important that leadership is retained in the group so. When I decide who’s captain at the end of the season. They’ll have a very important part to play and a very important role to play because we need to turn this team into a more consistent team.”

he added.

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