Arsenal legend Kevin Campbell has called the VAR officials crazy

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Arsenal legend Kevin Campbell has called the VAR officials crazy. These comments come amid the controversy over the first goal at the Emirates.

Hence, many former players have reacted to the controversy. The controversy happened because the goal by Bukayo Saka was not checked because of the inability of the referee.


Arsenal defeated Liverpool 3-2 in the Premier League. This win also helped the Gunners stay at the top of the Premier League. Hence, Mikel Arteta stayed above Pep Guardiola for the time being. The win also proved that the Gunners could win games against tough opposition. This also proved that the Gunners now have squad depth this season to win trophies.

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta was also happy with the win. He said the win was a special moment for the club season. The Spanish coach also said that the win helped them stabilize their season. He even said,

Belief, that’s the word. The most important thing is more belief and confidence that we can compete and play at this level and win.”

However, the game against Liverpool was not short of controversies.


Arsenal legend Kevin Campbell has expressed his shock at the bad VAR decision for Liverpool. The Reds conceded a first-minute goal. However, many thought that the goal by Martinelli was offside. Therefore, Liverpool players also asked the referee to go to VAR. However, the VAR officials could not draw a line to determine whether the goal was offside. Hence, ex-Gunners footballer Kevin Campbell has expressed anger on the incident.

He said,

“There were no 50ps to put in the meter!. “Look, I do not know what is going on or how that has happened. It is crazy. The thing is, even when VAR does work it gets the decisions wrong. “It was a very tight call though. I do not think Saka was gaining an advantage even if he was a toe offside.” We pay all of this money for the technology and it does not work or it is used incorrectly by the officials.”

Hence, the opinion of Kevin Campbell is correct. This could also have happened to Arsenal or any other club. Therefore, the Premier League needs to employ responsible VAR officials. German top-tier league Bundesliga has managed to use the technology effectively.

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