Jamal Musiala has already hinted at a Chelsea transfer as he shines against Man United

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Jamal Musiala has previously expressed a potential interest in returning to Chelsea at some point. The 20-year-old midfielder moved from Stamford Bridge to the Allianz Arena in 2019. He stole the show as Bayern Munich rallied to a 4-3 victory over Manchester United in the first week of the Champions League group stage.

Jamal Musiala became one of the most intriguing young players in Europe when he signed with the German giants at the age of 16, and he hasn’t looked back since. The former Blues star, who resided in Germany until the age of seven, competed in multiple competitions as a youngster with TSV Lehnerz. He also won a number of competitions.

After that, Musiala’s family moved to the south coast of England a few years later, though not for football-related reasons, so that he could continue to grow. In order to complete a master’s degree at Frankfurt’s Goethe University, his mother Carolin enrolled in a four-month Erasmus course at the University of Southampton.

Jamal Musiala attracted Chelsea’s attention right away. He earned his stripes at the Cobham training facility before deciding to return to his own country and join Bayern. Many Blues supporters want Mauricio Pochettino to sign him next after his outstanding performance against United. Although, the Bundesliga champions have showed no readiness to let him go.

Jamal Musiala might return to Chelsea in the near future

Musiala’s prior description of Chelsea as “family” has reignited rumours of a comeback. But it could be just wishful thinking. In a 2021 interview with The Times, Jamal Musiala said

“My friends [in England] made me feel welcome and comfortable. Chelsea and the FA are family for me, and I am sure, even when I am not there, I remain a member of the family.”

Gary Neville told beIN Sports in November 2022 that he respects the £129 million Bayern star for leaving the West London club in quest of first-team action. The former defender for Manchester United said

“I admire these lads that leave. Sancho leaving [Manchester City], Jamal Musiala leaving [Chelsea]. I think the fact that they are willing to go to Germany. To Dortmund and to Bayern Munich and experience that different level.”

Gary Neville further added

“Bellingham at Birmingham. Manchester United had Bellingham in the building. In front of all the top brass at Man United and he choose to go to Dortmund. But look at him now.”

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