Lee Dixon claims that “maverick” Tottenham player is capable of winning games by himself

Tottenham Hotspur

Tottenham Hotspur forward, Richarlison, has the potential to be nearly unplayable at his peak, according to Lee Dixon. Following the return of the Premier League, Dixon was interviewed on The 2 Robbies Podcast.

The team of Ange Postecoglou waited until the very end to defeat Sheffield United and secure three points. The home crowd, in contrast to previous managers, never lost hope in their team.

Despite Sheffield United’s tenacious defending, there was a sense that the game was doomed to one outcome when the board went up with 12 minutes remaining. Postecoglou changed the game late by bringing in Richarlison and newly acquired Brennan Johnson. The Brazilian was crucial, heading in an Ivan Perisic corner. He then helped Dejan Kulusevski score the game-winning goal in stoppage time.

Richarlison can be a game-winner for Tottenham. But Lee Dixon acknowledges that he needs to perform at those levels more frequently. However, games like yesterday are precisely what they signed the 26-year-old for, who has been too inconsistent since leaving Everton.

Tottenham Hotspur’s Richarlison impressed Lee Dixon

When questioned about the Brazilian center-forward, Lee Dixon said

“He plays up front for Brazil, you know he’s their number nine so he can’t be that bad. But you don’t see enough of him at his best and that will be down to his emotion. You’ve played in teams where you’ve got a bit of a maverick and you go, ‘This lad, he can win us any game we play in’. But then you’re kind of looking at him for 75% of the games he plays in and thinking, he’s a liability or he’s not quite doing enough. So, I think he’s one of them, I’m not saying you only get 25% out of him.”

Lee Dixon further added

“In order for him to be positioned in the place where he is right now as Tottenham’s number nine replacing Harry Kane, you’ve got to be churning goals out week in, week out.”

Many Tottenham supporters will concur with Dixon that Richarlison has rarely displayed his best game.

In a trying period for his career, he has the full backing of his teammates. Son Heung-min ensured that Richarlison received full applause from the audience at the end of the game. Dejan Kulusevski acknowledged that he enjoyed partnering with Richarlison. So it will be intriguing to see if Richarlison earns a start against Arsenal the following Saturday.

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