Liverpool were never out of the top four race in the Premier League claims Ian Wright

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Ian Wright has said that Liverpool was never out of the Premier League top-four race. He has also called people silly for having such opinions.

This opinion comes after their important league win against fellow title-challengers Manchester City. The Reds won the match 1-0.


Liverpool defeated Manchester City 1-0 in an important Premier League match. This win also kept Arsenal at the top of the Premier League table. Hence, at the moment the race for the league title is open. The Reds were in poor Premier League form before the game. They were 9th in the Premier League table before the match.

Hence, many thought it would be an easy win for Manchester City. Although, Liverpool proved the critics and experts wrong. They attacked and defended brilliantly. The goal was also created beautifully Allison and brilliantly finished by Mohamed Salah. The defenders also defended against Erling Haaland and the rest of the City line-up brilliantly. Therefore, all in all, it was the best performance of the season by the team. The Reds are now currently 8th in Premier League table after the win.


Arsenal legend Ian Wright has said that many had silly opinions on Jurgen Klopp and his players before the game against Manchester City. Hence, he has said that the silly opinions will now finally stop. Liverpool have made a different start to their season. Their performance in this season of the Premier League has been not up to the mark. Hence, many thought that they will not even finish in the top four. However, after the win, Ian Wright started to shut them down.

He said,

“It has to be for Liverpool (top four their aim despite win over Man City). It has to be. I still look at it now, and see the way Liverpool performed in that game, they can get on a run. “You can’t see Liverpool not being in the top four. I thought it was silly for people saying ‘oh, people are out of it now. He’s going to have to build and transition’. “Well, we saw what they could do to Man City there. A very good Man City side.”

Hence, it looks like Liverpool are finally getting back into their old groove. They are also starting to prove the people wrong with their wins against Rangers and Manchester City. Hence, they need to keep the performances going till the end of the season to compete for trophies.

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