Newcastle United midfielder Bruno Guimaraes has been praised by Roy Keane and Jamie Carragher

Newcastle United midfielder Bruno Guimares has won the praise of Roy Keane and Jamie Carragher. The midfielder played brilliantly against Brentford.

Hence, the Magpies defeated Brentford 5-1 in a recent Premier League match. Therefore the midfielder is winning praise from many ex-footballers.


A big Saudi Arabian investment firm (PIF) took over Newcastle United the last year. However, they did it in the month of October. Therefore, they got the January transfer window to spend on new players. One of the signings made in the last season of January was Bruno Guimaraes. They signed the Brazilian midfielder from the french club Olympique Lyon.

Hence, this showed the ambition of Newcastle United despite being in the relegation battle. However, the ambition paid off. The Brazilian midfielder played the last half of the season brilliantly in the midfield. Hence, he became a fan favorite within a short amount of time. However, many said that his form would dip at some point for the Magpies. Although, that has not happened yet. Hence, the Newcastle United midfielder was praised by Jamie Carragher and Roy Keane.


Jamie Carragher and Roy Keane said on Sky Sports that the Magpie player is a complete midfielder. Carragher even said,

What we find out with midfield players is we put them in positions in terms of numbers and call them a No6, an No8, or a No10,” he said. “He feels like the type of player who could play all of those roles. In terms of playing this season, he has played as more of the deeper midfield players. Hence, Carragher even called him a complete midfielder like Roy Keane in his playing days.”

Roy Keane also said,

He is obviously playing with a lot of confidence. Newcastle [are] having a good couple of weeks and producing some big wins and scoring lots of goals. He is doing what he is supposed to be doing in terms of being a midfielder, but those stats back them up.

Hence, it looks like Arsenal who showed interest in him in January have missed the trick by not signing him.

Newcastle United saw the opportunity and signed the Brazilian midfielder. Therefore, it looks like Bruno is helping the Magpies climb the Premier League. The high-climbing Magpies will be playing against Manchester United in their next Premier League game.

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