The reason why Folarin Balogun is joining Monaco

Despite the simplicity of the situation, Some fans still wonder why Balogun Left Arsenal for Monaco, which Mikel Arteta explains.

The Gunners spent the last week releasing several players to make up for the beginning of the transfer window. The club started the current window acquiring multiple talented players without releasing the excess.

Nuno Tavares is one of those players. The defender is young and long-lasting but still requires much more sharpening to make full use of his talent. These traits made the player a fine addition to Nottingham Forest.

Another departing player is Rob Holding. After 7 long years in the club, Holding joined Crystal Palace earlier this week despite Wolverhampton Wanderers and Luton Town’s best efforts.

And, of course, there is Folarin Balogun. The player was expected to join Chelsea at first due to its great advantages. However, against all odds, the player joined Monaco instead.

Why Balogun is leaving Arsenal for Monaco

The three players mentioned are vastly different from one another for numerous reasons. Yet they are all leaving the club for the exact same cause. Because they cannot fit. All three individuals have not seen any play during the current Premier league matches. Moreover, they have had little to no involvement beforehand as well.

The three are more than capable, especially Balogun. Which makes having them inactive for an entire season not only hurt the club, but their future as well.

“We didn’t have space for him now in the squad to give him the minutes that he needs” responded Mikel Arteta when asked about Balogun’s transfer. It is a shame that the club is uncapable of fully utilizing such talents. But on the bright side, the players still have the chance to fully develop themselves elsewhere.

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