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Luiz Diaz has penned out a message on Instagram for the Liverpool fans, claiming that “dreams come true” after his January switch to Liverpool

The Colombian moved to Liverpool in the January transfer window in a 40 million dollar move from Porto as Liverpool beat Tottenham for his signature. Luiz Diaz has made an instant positive impact on the attacking system of Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool. Diaz also provides Klopp with a different attacking option from the bench if necessary.

Luiz Diaz’s rise to success at Liverpool

Luiz Diaz arrived at Liverpool from Porto in Portugal where he enjoyed success and he won trophies. But the success in Portugal does not guarantee you success in Premier League.

Many players have struggled to adapt but Diaz is not one of them. He has impressed everyone with his skills and also has got goals and assists when needed. The impact of Diaz has been so good that he had started over Diego Jota in the Champions League final against Real Madrid.

Diaz was also very vital in the success of Liverpool winning Carabao Cup and FA cup where he converted the penalties in the penalty shootout, which were celebrated by the club through a bus parade.

Message for the fans

Despite just missing out on Premier League and Champions League and a potential quadruple this has been a successful year for Liverpool and Luiz Diaz. To celebrate the successful season for him and the club Luiz Diaz has sent out a message to the fans for welcoming him to the club.

He wrote: “February 4th was the day you all welcomed me as just one more in the family. Since that day I’ve been dreaming awake, living what I have deeply wished for all my life. And now that you’ve shown me that dreams come true let me assure you we will keep dreaming together. So with all, there’s left to win, let it be because in here I know: I will never walk alone.”

The message alone here demonstrates the emotional connection between Liverpool fans and the Players and also shows why Liverpool has been successful over the years.

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